Client’s Testimonials

Feng Shui has helped both me and my husband’s life when we had issues with litigation. With the help from Dolly and her staff and the cures they recommended we were able to overcome these issues which saved us from financial losses. We have also had issues with health which Dolly has advised us and helped us with. We enjoy and find the annual Feng Shui Conference very helpful. The personal Paht Chee Chart course was very educational and helpful. Thank you Feng Shui and Dolly!
- Anjana A

My Experience with Dolly and Feng Shui is and was a wonderful and bumpy experience. Last year, 2012 Dolly said to be careful of legal matters and unfortunately I got stuck in one, however with all the help from Feng Shui, I was able to get out of it safely and for the issue to basically disappear like nothing ever happened. It is because of Feng Shui that things did not get worst! I am truly grateful for the help and support from Dolly & the staff at World of Feng Shui. As of 2013 my name is cleared, no legal matters holding me back anymore. Feng Shui works, you just have to believe!
- Jennifer G

I am very thankful to God and the Universe for sending Dolly into my life as a great teacher of Feng Shui and friend. She has been very patient and helpful in explaining all different aspects of Feng Shui. Ever since I started following/practicing Feng Shui in business and personal life, I have seen great improvement in a positive direction towards success and self confidence. I am very grateful to the universe and Dolly for bringing positive changes to mine and my family’s life!
- Tejinder H

I have been following the personal horoscope books and I notice when my father passed it was in the bad times. When I shared this information with my family who does not believe, they were blown away. I am grateful to Dolly and Gary for their continuous support and guidance.
- Jennifer J

Dolly told me that there was an individual who was dangerous and not what they appeared to be. Within a week, this person showed their true intentions and because of Dolly’s advice I was more aware and the damage was minimal. The collateral damage that this individual was causing immediately ended. Thanks Dolly for warning!
- Nancy B

My sister was having problems conceiving, she was referred to a fertility specialist to see. In the meantime, I took her to World of Feng Shui where she met Dolly. My sister being a skeptic, agreed to purchase the “fertility elephants” and placed them exactly as advised. Two months later, my sister attended her fertility specialist appointment to begin the process; when she arrived she advised the doctor that she took a pregnancy test earlier that week that was positive however she did not believe it due to medical complications giving her false positives before. When the specialist did her own analysis, she confirmed she was pregnant! No fertility specialist was required, the only thing done different was the “fertility elephants”. Dolly said she would get pregnant within 9 weeks and she was pregnant within 6 weeks!
- Adele

Before we began our house renovation, Dolly reviewed the house plans and layouts. We put elements into place to “boost” the renovation. I doubled checked the almanac for the appropriate time and day to submit our permit applications and the day to begin the actual construction. Even though we hit a small bump, the construction of our house went smoothly.
- Syme J

I am a rat and I bought the money wealth wallet. Ever since I bought the wallet, my business boomed.
- Alina G

Since practicing Feng Shui, my life has been a smoother and my wealth has increased, my relationships have been good. My husband and I find that when we place a cure we instantly see changes for the better.
- Maria C

I have been practicing Feng Shui for about four years now. When I was having a problem with my teenage kids arguing all the time, I applied Feng Shui tip which I learned from Dolly to calm down the house. I also burned incense to get the flow of energy moving and changed my pagoda. Within days I saw a significant change. I am very thankful!
- Nicole H

Very informative and extremely interesting session. Every minute held something new to learn. I enjoyed myself immensely. I hope to attend any other Feng Shui lessons with Dolly. Dolly’s Feng Shui knowledge is amazing.
- Rekha S

I have been coming and seeing Dolly for the last three years. She has helped me bring significant amount of harmony into my life at home and also at work. I have seen the amulets work like a charm for my family. I am a firm believer of the “Rooster” and the Five Element Pagoda.
- Tina T

Had it not been for Dolly and Feng Shui, my dad would have never been able to start his own business. Before bringing him to World of Feng Shui boutique, he had been in depression for close to 10 years and did not want to do anything with his life, but sleep in his room. As I brought him to the store, he was hesitant, but he bought some remedies. With the remedies in place, within a week my family saw my father evolving. Dolly listened to our problems very patiently. She guided us step by step. Dolly is very knowledgeable with her feng shui and numerology.
- Mona K.