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With an I-Ching coin in its mouth, it attracts wealth into your home and Is a very auspicious creature. Place the toad in any of the corners diagonally opposite your front door for best effect. Place them in sets of 3,6 or 9.Keep these 3 Legged toads below the table ,couch or other discreet areas in your home, excluding in the bedroom ,kitchen and washroom.


It is also known as the Dragon Fish,a powerful energizer for business luck and prosperity.The arowana swimming on a seabed of coins conveys auspicious meanings of wealth,prosperity and happiness.Those who wish to benefit fully from the use of arowanas should display them on the office desk or study table in group of 3,6 or9


They are famous symbols of lovers and potent symbol of marital bliss as it creates CHI that helps lovers tie the knot.Thus anyone wanting to energize their love life should really get a pair of these love ducks.Placing a pair of ducks in your living room or your bedroom will activate love and marriage chi!Beautiful mandarin ducks attract handsome and or beautiful spouse.


The dragon is the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness. It is the most important symbol both in Feng Shui . Dragon grasping a ball signifies power and authority . The dragon can be placed anywhere to bring excellent luck into your household. This powerful symbol of good fortune also works extremely well for your business if you display it in your office.


It is ultimate symbol of Yang and Yin. The Dragon symbolizes the male vitality and fertility while the Phoenix is Yin splendor and female beauty. Together they symbolize a fruitful marriage blesses with success , prosperity and children.


They are mystical creatures frequently shown playing with a ball.They are believed to be protectors that ward evil influences and spirits. Therefore,it is recommended to place this exuberant pair fairly high at the main door to guard your office or home,with the male ( the one with the ball ) on the right side of the door ( inside looking out ) and the female on left.


It is symbol of longevity,protection,support,wealth and prosperity.In Feng Shui,the tortoise signifies the protective hills and as the back support that ensure the house stays firm and strong. The tortoise was also the bearer of the magical LO SHU square of numbers which brought the attention of FU HIS,the 1st legendary Emperor of china to who authored “I-Ching“( the Book of upon Which all Feng Shui theory is based on.


Mandala print is used as a remedy for the hostility star which brings quarrels , legal entanglements and obstacles, It contains powerful talismans and symbols that quickly dissolve intangible hostile energies created by the argument star , restoring harmony and peace very quickly Wherever it is hung. You are strongly advised to frame it with a gold coloured frame.


The rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of protection against robbery and accidents. Display them in your living room to keep people with bad intentions from entering your home or hurting your family members. Place them in the vicinity of the main entrance and position them facing outwards.


The Wu Lou represents good health .Everyone should place a Wu Lou at bedside for good health and long life. It will also help alleviate the bad energy caused by the illness flying star #2.