Meet Dolly Sidhu

Dolly Sidhu is no stranger to the principles of Feng Shui. Having a strong affinity for the ancient Chinese art has not only become a career for Dolly, but a lifestyle. 

Dolly Sidhu, President and CEO of World Of Feng Shui Incorporated (WOFS) has over a decade of feng shui experience advising high profile clients. As a certified Master Feng Shui Consultant and Numerologist, Dolly is dedicated to helping others achieve a balanced lifestyle.  Making good on her commitment, Dolly has accomplished the feat of bringing the World Of Feng Shui (WOFS) to Canada.  WOFS is an international feng shui merchandising and customer service company.

Dolly's expertise is in high demand at WOFS. The “one stop for all” unique boutique is designed to meet all your Feng Shui necessities in one convenient location. An assortment of only the finest quality, luck-enhancing merchandise is available on site to help one begin their transitional journey.

Prior to her establishing the WOFS Canada boutique, Dolly received extensive training and mentorship from Grandmaster Lillian Too and Grandmaster Rajeev Sharma.  Upon graduation, Dolly was successfully accredited as Master Feng Shui Consultant and Numerologist specializing in numerous course studies:

  • Master Practitioner Feng Shui Course
  • Master Practitioner Paht Chee (Destiny Chart) Course
  • Master Consultant Feng Shui Course
  • Master Practitioner Water Dragon Feng Shui Course
  • Master Practitioner Inner Feng Shui Course
  • Master Practitioner Bright Light Cosmic Magic - Unleashing the Dragon Course
  • Master Business Executive Management Course
  • Master Consulting - I-Ching / Divination Course
  • Master Consulting - Numerology

Dolly has been sharing the benefits of Feng Shui and how to harness Feng Shui to improve luck and wellness with multinational clients in Canada, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, India and UAE. Homeowners, Entrepreneurs, Land Developers, Builders, Politicians, Banks and Shopping Mall Owners alike have felt the positive results of Feng Shui.  Not only do they continually practice the methods advised by Dolly but also regularly ask her to oversee and maintain their efforts.

Dolly who is also a Real Estate professional, uses Feng Shui to assist her clients in purchasing or selling real estate.  Customizing homes and businesses to meet clients’ specific Feng Shui requirements is Dolly's specialty.  For those who plan to build their homes, Dolly works directly with the builders to ensure the layout works to the client’s maximum benefit.

Given her consistent and far-reaching contributions to spreading the merits of the ancient Chinese art through the years, it is not surprising that she is widely in demand to provide feng shui and numerology consultations here and abroad.

Company Profile

Our Values and Strengths

The World Of Feng Shui Boutique is the first of its kind in the world. As the popularity of Feng Shui grows, there has been an ever-increasing demand for Feng Shui products of all kinds: Luck Energizers, Feng Shui Cures, Wealth Enhancers, Love Activators, Protective Symbols, Auspicious Objects and Specialized Books. The World Of Feng Shui Boutique brings all these products under one roof to create a unique shopping experience for the ever curious patrons. Anyone wishing to improve their luck for greater wealth, health and happiness would benefit from visiting the store. The range and story lines on each of the products alone will make the experience an enjoyable one.

High Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Our products are sourced from around the world to ensure we obtain the best quality at the lowest price. We work with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia to procure authentic Feng Shui products and we constantly develop exciting new items under direct consultation with Grandmaster Lillian Too, the world’s largest selling author and most well-known name in world of feng shui.

Customer Conscious Environment

World Of Feng Shui Boutiques are designed and managed to provide the highest level of customer care and service. All products displayed are carefully captioned to describe how to use them and where to place them. Product advise and customized Feng Shui analysis are provided at the boutique.

Consumer Awareness and Credibility

We constantly strive to set World Of Feng Shui into the minds of consumers as the place for feng shui products. Our unique and stylish products carry quality, value and integrity.

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