Questions You Asked

What is the purpose of the three legged toad?
It is believed that placing 3 legged toads in the house brings many moneymaking opportunity to the residents , as this toad is known to love money. Place them in a set 3 , 6 or 9. So if you are looking for a symbol to bring you wealth luck, get yourself a proper, authentic 3 legged toads.
I am buying a new home. When you open the door, you can see a straight path to the back door of the house. I know this is not good.I love the house and just purchased it. How do I correct this error?
To have Front door directly face your back door is considered unlucky because the auspicious chi (energy ) that enters your home can easily go straight out again . Further to that , if there is a direct view of your back door from your front door, this encourages the chi travel in a straight line, causing it to turn into harmful / negative energy . the best thing to do is either use a screen to divide the space into two separate segments , or display plants and hang crystals (reasonable size ) along the path from the front door to the back door , to encourage the chi to slow down and meander , rather than shoot straight through.
I heard that it is not good to have water in the bedroom . I bought a waterbed last week and wondered whether it will be bad for us?
Yes , you are right , water in the bedroom is not good . The bedroom is our sanctuary where you rest and sleep . Water here presents danger and money losses. All forms of water should be avoided . this includes water features , paintings of water, vases with fresh flowers etc. unfortunately this includes waterbeds. Waterbeds are not only filled with water , they are wobbly and represent a lack of support as you sleep It is best if you move the bed into guest room where usage is limited or return it back to the store.
I have a staircase that leads straight down to my front door . How do I remedy this?
The best is to either use a screen to break down the flow of chi (energy ) and to force the energy to meander , or move the position of your door such that it is not dead centre of the staircase going up. But if you can’t do either of these , hang wind chimes or facetted crystal balls or place a pair of Fu Dogs at the base of the staircase to break the negative chi.
My bedroom is above the garage. I read that it is not advisable to sleep above the garage . Please advice.
Sleeping above the garage is considered in auspicious because it is interpreted and tends to collect clutter and garbage. Hanging a painting or picture of feng shui mountain in the garage , symbolizes the vacuum being filled up with earth which is also excellent as grounding energy for your bedroom. Keep the garage clutter free and clean.